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After practicing medicine for many years, I’ve come to a very straightforward conclusion: prevention is the key to a long, healthy life. The era of reactive medicine is giving way to health care that is now preventive and collaborative.

The most common causes of death and disability—heart disease and cancer— begin at a stage when early detection can lead to prevention or cure.  Through the use of contemporary genetics, advanced blood tests and medical imaging, the risk for most life-threatening diseases can be detected in time to take action. I’m fully convinced that the marriage of technology and medicine will be one of history’s most powerful unions.

Contemporary health care should also be collaborative.  No one will ever care more about your health than you.  Your own research and thoughts must always be respected and incorporated in your care.  In order to make optimal health decisions, however, everyone needs reliable information and a trusted physician for guidance—a physician who is knowledgeable, accessible and willing to help coordinate your health care.

Your experience at Colorado Preventive Medicine should be like
none other you’ve had in health care.  When you’re here
you are our singular focus. No interruptions.  No distractions.

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Stay healthy.

Richard Abrams, M.D.
Colorado Preventive Medicine


Colorado Preventive Medicine - Dr. Abrams