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H.T.’s Story

H.T. is a 53 year old woman who stopped smoking cigarettes more than 10 years before her examination. Her general health was excellent and she had no pulmonary symptoms. Her lung scan showed an irregular density measuring less than one-fourth inch in diameter. The irregular appearance of the mass made it highly suspicious for lung cancer.

Ultimately, the cancer was removed and there was no indication that the cancer had spread beyond the mass. Lung cancers large enough to be discovered on a routine chest x-ray or at a time when the patient has pulmonary symptoms are over 80 percent fatal in one year. Found early there is an 85 percent chance that H.T. and people like her can be cured

T.C.’s Story  “Knowing my coronary artery score is helping me avoid my father’s fate.”

W.S.’s Story  “Disaster was hiding in my abdomen.”

L.C.’s Story  “My kidneys were failing and I didn’t know it.”

H.T.’s Story  “Finding cancer on my lung scan saved my life.”

M.L.’s Story “I could have been seriously harmed by my medications.”



Colorado Preventive Medicine - Dr. Abrams