Colorado Preventive Medicine - Dr. Abrams

L.C.’s Story

L.C. is a healthy 46 year old professional who came for his comprehensive examination feeling fit and healthy. He complained only of diminished urinary flow. His blood kidney function tests were a fraction higher than normal. His abdominal ultrasound showed that both kidneys were significantly larger than they should have been.

L.C. was ultimately discovered to have an unusual blockage in his urinary system that has since been corrected. His kidneys have returned to normal size and his kidney function tests are well within the normal range. What was certainly a path to kidney failure has now been avoided by the power of early detection and preventive action.


T.C.’s Story  “Knowing my coronary artery score is helping me avoid my father’s fate.”

W.S.’s Story  “Disaster was hiding in my abdomen.”

L.C.’s Story  “My kidneys were failing and I didn’t know it.”

H.T.’s Story  “Finding cancer on my lung scan saved my life.”

M.L.’s Story “I could have been seriously
harmed by my medications.”

Colorado Preventive Medicine - Dr. Abrams