Colorado Preventive Medicine - Dr. Abrams

M.L.’s Story

M.L. is a 61 year old corporate CEO.  Until he enrolled in Colorado Preventive Medicine’s primary care program his care was fragmented, inconvenient and his records were often unavailable at the time of his appointments.  A potentially serious medication interaction went unnoticed I could have been seriously harmed by my medicationsuntil the error was detected by a pharmacist.  Now he carries his medication list on his keychain USB drive and on a laminated wallet card.  His list of medications and allergies are continuously reviewed by drug-interaction software in his electronic medical record.

Medication errors are epidemic and avoidable.



T.C.’s Story  “Knowing my coronary artery score is helping me avoid my father’s fate.”

W.S.’s Story  “Disaster was hiding in my abdomen.”

L.C.’s Story  “My kidneys were failing and I didn’t know it.”

H.T.’s Story  “Finding cancer on my lung scan saved my life.”

M.L.’s Story “I could have been seriously harmed by my medications.”



Colorado Preventive Medicine - Dr. Abrams