Colorado Preventive Medicine - Dr. Abrams

W.S.’s Story

“Disaster was hiding in my abdomen.”

W.S. came to the Prevention Center on his 65th birthday. He was feeling fine, but he felt that his yearly physicals were not as thorough as they could be. He was a bit overweight, but his blood pressure was fine and his cholesterol profile was excellent. His only risk factor was his inability to quit smoking. Disaster was hiding in my abdomenAn ultrasound examination of his abdominal aorta showed a large dilated area called an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Typically aneurysms cause no symptoms until they rupture and it’s too late.

Early detection permitted W.S. to have his aneurysm surgically repaired. As an additional benefit the knowledge that smoking contributed to the formation of the aneurysm, finally motivated him to quit forever.

T.C.’s Story  “Knowing my coronary artery score is helping me avoid my father’s fate.”

W.S.’s Story  “Disaster was hiding in my abdomen.”

L.C.’s Story  “My kidneys were failing and I didn’t know it.”

H.T.’s Story  “Finding cancer on my lung scan saved my life.”

M.L.’s Story “I could have been seriously harmed by my medications.”



Colorado Preventive Medicine - Dr. Abrams